Research Associates in Mathematical, Physical & Computational Virology

York Centre for Cross-disciplinary Systems Analysis & Departments of Mathematics and Biology, University of York

Two Post-Doctoral Research Associates in Mathematical, Physical & Computational Virology

We seek two post-doctoral fellows for our interdisciplinary Wellcome Trust funded programme New perspectives for anti-viral therapy: The regulatory roles of genomic RNA in virus assembly, infection and evolution with a passion for unravelling fundamental mechanisms in viral infections and their exploitation in drug/gene delivery, therapy and vaccination. The successful candidates will carry out research to extend our recent discovery of an inherently druggable virus assembly mechanism – see, e.g., work on Hepatitis B virus (Patel et al., Nat. Microbiol. 2:17098, 2017) and Parechovirus (Shakeel et al, Nat. Commun. 8:5, 2017) – to viruses including HIV, picornaviruses, the multipartite Bluetongue and influenza viruses, and newly emerging viral infections such as Chikungunya, for which new therapeutic/prophylactic strategies are urgently required. This includes the development and application of computational strategies to identify the genomic RNA sequence/structure motifs promoting virus assembly (the assembly code) based on state-of-the-art experimental data provided by our experimental collaborators, and optimization of the code (see, e.g., Patel et al, PNAS 114:12255, 2017) for the design of virus like particles for applications in drug/gene delivery and vaccination in close collaboration with the experimental team. They will also develop mathematical and computational models to analyze the molecular mechanisms by which this assembly code impacts on virus (dis)assembly (see, e.g., Dykeman et al, PNAS 111:5361, 2014), develop computational techniques to establish its degree of evolutionary conservation, and investigate its impact on viral evolution and therapy (see, e.g., Bingham et al, Viruses 9:347, 2017). You will contribute to the production of high quality research papers and assist with the dissemination of the research.

You will join the interdisciplinary team of Professor Reidun Twarock (York/theory, where these posts will be based) and Professor Peter Stockley (Leeds/experiment). We are looking for applicants with a PhD in Mathematics, Computational Biophysics or Theoretical Biology, a keen interest in working in close collaboration with experimental scientists, and who are equally passionate about the challenges in modelling/theory development and the exciting biological questions and therapeutic applications that will be tackled in this research programme. You have research expertise in an area complementing and enhancing the goals of the Wellcome Trust funded research programme and a proven track record in programming to engage in high quality data analysis and modelling. Ability and creativity in developing, and not just implementing, computational and modelling approaches to analyse and interrogate biological systems are essential for this post.

For enquiries please contact: Prof Reidun Twarock (

This post is available on a fixed term basis for 3 years.

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