Accessibility statement

Vilasini Venkatesh



I completed my BSc Physics Honors at Sri Venkateswara College, University of Delhi, India and my Masters in Physics at ETH Zurich, Switzerland. I received the ETH Masters Scholarship to work in the Quantum Information Theory Group there on topics in relativistic quantum cryptography, composable security and quantum causality.

At York, I am working with Roger Colbeck on projects relating to the entropy vector approach for analysing causal structures, among other approaches to quantum/non-classical notions of causality that interest me. I also collaborate with the Quantum Information Theory Group at ETH Zurich for my research on extended Wigner’s friend-type paradoxes and understanding indefinite causal structures. Further details on my research and publications can be found here:

Alongside physics and mathematics, I am deeply passionate about music. I play the guitar and piano, and compose music (sometimes relating to my research), which can be found here: