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Thomas Cope



I completed my MMath at the University of Nottingham, winning multiple mathematics prizes. After taking part in research projects on cell modelling and topological insulators, I undertook a PhD in quantum information at York, funded by the White Rose Network. I am now working as a postdoctoral researcher at York, investigating practical Quantum Random Number Generation (QRNG).



My current area of research looks at practical quantum random number generation – aiming to accurately model the physical procedure by which the randomness string is generated, in order to quantify how much randomness can be securely extracted, and the optimal way to do so.

Other areas of interest include the characterisation of entanglement, particularly teasing out its counterintuitive properties. Also of interest is the verification of non-locality, understanding and comparing the effectiveness of Bell inequalities for varying scenarios.

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Mathematical Physics and Quantum Information Research Group

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Dr Thomas Cope

Tel: 01904 32 3079