Hermes Gadêlha



DPhil (Oxon)

Open call for Early Career Researchers: Full funding available

Researcher Links Trilateral Workshop: UK (British Council/Newton Fund), Brazil (FAPESP) and Uruguay (ANII)

Exploring the potential of biological soft matter in agrifood challenges.

Deadline: 18th February 2018
Dates: 19th-23rd, March 2018. 

Location: Blue Tree Towers Hotel, Guaruja, Sao Paulo, Brazil
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My research focuses on developing quantitative models for novel questions and unexplained phenomena in a broad range of physical systems. Currently, I am inspired by mathematical problems found in biologysoft matter and industry,

encompassing areas in

small-scale and biological fluid mechanics

solid mechanics and elasticity

transport phenomena

mathematical biology 

pattern formation.

I use a combination of analytical derivations, asymptotic analysis, numerical computations and empirical investigation in

animal fertilization and sperm motility

flagellar dynamics

self-organization and molecular motors dynamics

cytoskeletal filaments and filament bundles

synthetic propellers and bio-inspired swimmers

membrane separation processes 

interfacial flows.

Research group(s)

Mathematical Biology and Chemistry Research Group



  • Issues in Modern Biology
  • Ecological Modelling

Contact details

Dr Hermes Gadêlha

Tel: +44 1904 32 2039