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Elizabeth Dickinson



Daphne Jackson Trust Fellowship (2016-2018), University of York, Chemometric analysis of metabolomic and genomic data from pea plant varieties exposed to drought and disease, supervised by Prof Julie Wilson, Departments of Chemistry and Mathematics.

PDRA (2008-2009), University of Leeds, NMR studies of pregnancy related diseases, supervised by Dr Julie Fisher, School of Chemistry.

MSc and PhD (2004-2008), University of Leeds, NMR studies towards a Biomarker of Preeclampsia supervised by Dr Julie Fisher, School of Chemistry.

Chemistry BSc (2000-2003), University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST).



I am interested in the statistical modelling and pattern recognition of data from analytical chemistry (chemometrics), particularly from NMR and LC-MS used in metabolomics, and more recently developing modelling techniques usually used in bioinformatics. I am currently a PDRA with Prof Julie Wilson, working on EPSRC-funded project From waste to food: Optimisation of insect farming conditions to provide a sustainable protein source for animal feed. This is in collaboration with Fera Science Ltd.

Research group(s)

Mathematical Biology and Chemistry Research Group

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Dr Elizabeth Dickinson

Tel: +44 1904 32 3717