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Cheri Mussell



Department Manager

Administrative Staff

Main Departmental roles

  • Overall management of the admin team
  • Responsible for all business processes that underpin the Department’s academic activities and for maintaining the quality of operational and administrative support
  • Involved in the development and implementation of the Department’s planning processes
  • Financial management of the Department income and expenditure, particularly the operating budget
  • Works with the Directorate of Facilities Management to ensure that the Department’s space and facilities requirements are clearly identified and addressed, and that space is utilised to best effect
  • Quality assurance processes, in conjunction with Chair of Boards of Study,  especially module and programme review
  • Manages the Departmental web site, in conjunction with the Department Computing Officer
  • Departmental timetabling
  • Recruits and allocates teaching work to PhD student  
  • Departmental Safety Officer
  • Departmental Training Officer

Contact details

Cheri Mussell
Departmental Manager

Tel: +44 1904 32 4165