PhD Projects

We have a broad range of expertise and can offer projects in the areas of integrable field theory, quantum field theory, quantum gravity, quantum information theory, quantum foundations and quantum technologies.

Prospective students are warmly invited to email staff to discuss potential projects, so that we can ensure the best fit between staff and students.

Information about the application process and funding opportunities can be found at the Research courses: MSc, PhD, MPhil page.

Staff supervising projects in this area are:

Dr Henning Bostelmann: Rigorous quantum field theory                                

Dr Roger Colbeck: I am principally offering projects in quantum cryptography (in particular device-independent protocols) or quantum foundations (understanding cause in quantum theory). However, I may be willing to take students who wish to look at other aspects of quantum information theory.

Prof. Ed Corrigan: I am ready to supervise students interested in any aspect of classical and quantum integrable systems.

Prof. Chris Fewster: Mathematically rigorous approaches to quantum field theory in curved spacetimes, particularly in the locally covariant framework; Quantum Energy Inequalities; physical (Hadamard) states. 

Dr Eli Hawkins: Algebraic quantum field theory, geometric quantization, deformation quantization, applications of noncommutative geometry.

Dr Atsushi Higuchi: Quantum field theory in curved spacetime, e.g. in de Sitter and inflationary spacetimes; Semi-classical approximation of quantum field theory; Formal quantisation of constrained dynamical systems such as general relativity.

Prof. Niall MacKay: Integrable models in 1+1D, especially quantum groups and related algebraic structures.

Dr Kasia Rejzner: Quantum field theory in curved spacetimes.

Prof. Evgeny Sklyanin: Quantum integrable/exacly solvable systems, such as Calogero-Moser systems, Ruijsenaars model, spin chains with the stress on using algebraic techniques, such as quantum groups, Dunkl operators. The projects can be tailored to student's interests.

Dr Stefan Weigert: PhD students wishing to work on fundamental questions in quantum theory are welcome to get in touch. Project areas include uncertainty relations, mutually unbiased bases and generalized models exhibiting correlations stronger than those found in quantum systems. Related topics in the area of quantum information and foundations can be agreed on.