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MSc Mathematical Finance (online)

Studying at York for the MSc in Mathematical Finance was an amazing experience for me. Excellent textbooks and friendly tutors allowed me to master quite sophisticated mathematics and excel in most subjects. Interactive lectures just a mouse-click away provided me with opportunity to study at home, on the move, everywhere! This is the future of higher education indeed. The course is a great way to master a complex discipline for people who lead busy lives. I believe that having a degree from York was a significant help for advancing my career. The course equipped me with an in-depth understanding of how modern finance works. It gave me confidence and knowledge necessary when going through job interviews. People’s respect was also quite tangible whenever they learned that I have a degree from a leading university.
 Valeriy Kovalevskiy (Find Management Company, Australia)

I am currently working as a Quantitative Developer in SunGard financial systems. My work involves developing software used for valuation and risk management of multi-asset class portfolios. The MSc at York provided me with a solid foundation on the theory applied in quantitative finance. Derivative pricing, interest rate and portfolio theory as well as risk methodologies are some of the topics I learned during the MSc that I’ve actually used at work. The knowledge gained in the MSc definitely helped me preparing for interviews, as well as hitting the ground running in my current team.
 Juan Jacobo Angulo (Quantitative Developer, SunGard, UK)

The on-campus version of the MSc in Mathematical Finance had been running for quite a number of years, but working in London meant I would have had to quit my job and put my career on the side in order to attend it. When I heard that the department was about to launch the online MSc, I enrolled in the first intake as I was very enthusiastic about the course material and the flexible module structure. I was not disappointed; I found the course to be well designed with friendly tutors who are specialists in the subject they taught. Additionally, the online one-to-one tutorials gave me the opportunity to ask questions in a personalised setting, something that is not always possible in the standard lecturer theatre based courses! Encouraged by this positive learning experience, I opted to undertake a PhD in the Department of Economics at the University of York. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning new skills in Mathematical Finance; it is challenging but very rewarding at the same time!
 Daniele Bregantini (PhD student, York, UK)

The online MSc studies at the University of York have been an important enabler for advancing my career as economic analyst. My thesis discussed the stochastic volatility of natural gas prices. During my final year I joined an oil company, where among my responsibilities I have been supporting commercial negotiations by providing valuation of gas sales to the power market. Knowledge of derivate instruments and application of stochastic analysis which I gained during my studies have been the key for being successful in my new role. In addition, by studying online I have enjoyed great flexibility for being able to move between various places and countries while pursuing my academic development.
 Blazej Jozefiak (Economic Analyst, Oslo, Norway)

As someone with highly numerate degrees and significant finance experience I sought to challenge myself by undertaking an advanced degree covering both these areas of competence. My research revealed that the online course at York was one of a few (worldwide) that would provide me the opportunity of learning the application of mathematical rigor to modelling and developing financial products and concepts.

For me, the selling points of the York MSc were tuition by world renowned experts in various aspects of mathematics, the flexibility of the course structure allowing for movements between slow and fast streams so as to allow completion over a tailored time-period, and  the competitive costs of the course.

Perhaps the most challenging aspect of the course was the completion of the dissertation which required critical analysis of proofs and rewrites of the key theorems of a paper published by the most preeminent mathematical finance journals. The knowledge I gained through the course online materials and one-to-one personal instructions helped me in successfully meeting this challenge. As someone running their own consultancy, it is particularly important to maintain current and updated competences. Since graduating, the qualification has helped me to secure various contracts and has contributed to me being considered more of a serious academic authority in my discipline.
 Howard Haughton (Jamaica/UK)

The MSc gave me the opportunity to put on a firm basis the fundamental tools required in the field of mathematical finance. Tools which have been of great use in my daily professionally life, eventually culminating in the  publication of my book: 'SABR and SABR LIBOR Market Models in Practice'.
 Christian Crispoldi (Vice President at Nomura Holding America, New York)

I particularly enjoyed the taught semesters of the course, and was proud to be learning topics to the same standard as my on-campus peers, as well as doing so with the extra challenges that distance learning presents (such as higher self-discipline and time management). The topics studied felt relevant and current, and many of the skills I picked up (C++/VBA, matrix mathematics) have become key tools in my professional life. Additionally, the study skills, discipline and time-management capabilities that were crucial to succeeding on the course have also proved invaluable for studies for subsequent professional qualifications.

Achieving the MSc opened many doors for me, allowing me to make the jumps to more senior grades within my company as well as apply for a better class of visa abroad. Being able to do so in my spare time meant that I didn’t have to take a career break (particularly important given the current high cost of tuition) as well as continue my studies during a secondment abroad.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to further their learning in this interesting field, those looking to advance to a postgraduate level of learning without taking a career break, or indeed anyone looking for a considerable challenge!
 Thomas Cocker (Derivatives Trader, London)

Wanting to embark on a career in quantitative finance, I undertook the MSc in Mathematical Finance by Online Distance Learning having previously studied at York University, Canada. By striking a perfect balance between mathematical rigor and practical application, I found the course to be invaluable in helping me obtain a job as a research and development quantitative analyst by giving me a solid foundation in the necessary skill-set for a budding quant, i.e. stochastic calculus, C++ programming and numerical methods, Black-Scholes theory, interest rate modelling, etc. With these fundamental skills I was able to quickly and confidently understand the modern quantitative finance techniques used in today's financial environment.
– Richard Weeks (Research and Development Quantitative Analyst, Vancouver)