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Dr Sam Clark



  • PhD in Drug Discovery (2014-2018), University of Manchester, Examining sequence-activity relationships in antimicrobial peptides (AMPs). Supervised by Prof. Curtis Dobson, Dr Chris Knight and Dr Lynda Harris. Faculty of biology, medicine and health.
  • MPhys Physics (2010-2014) (1st). University of Bristol. Masters Project: Investigating WzaD4 channel formation in model lipid vesicles.



I am a PDRA working with Professor Reidun Twarock at the University of York investigating RNA-Capsid interactions in single stranded RNA viruses. My work focuses on the development of software packages for the analysis of x-ray hydroxyl radical RNA footprinting data. This data, when analysed, allows us to examine the secondary RNA inside and outside the viruses, with millisecond resolution.

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Mathematical Biology and Chemistry Research Group

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Mr Sam Clark

Tel: work+44 1904 32 5365