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Leyli Mammadova



I obtained my Masters degree in Mathematics from ETH Z├╝rich in 2015, and did my PhD at KU Leuven (2016-2020) under the supervision of Professor Marco Zambon. My thesis was titled "Moment maps in multisymplectic geometry" and focused on various generalizations of the concept of a moment map from symplectic geometry to multisymplectic geometry. 



Multisymplectic geometry is a generalization of symplectic geometry, initially developed to provide a finite-dimensional and covariant mathematical framework for classical field theory. While my PhD thesis focussed solely on mathematical questions regarding the notions of various moment maps in multisymplectic geometry, I have also always been interested in applications to physics. I am currently collaborating with Professor Kasia Rejzner at the University of York on a project that aims to build a bridge between multisymplectic geometry and perturbative algebraic quantum field theory. This collaboration is possible thanks to the LMS Early Career Fellowship.

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Mathematical Physics and Quantum Information Research Group

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Dr Leyli Mammadova