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European Women in Mathematics: Kasia Rejzner

Posted on 21 July 2016

Women of Mathematics throughout Europe: A gallery of portraits features Dr Kasia Rejzner.

Entering the field of mathematics can be tough, and women often encounter specific obstacles. The exhibition offers a glimpse into the world of mathematics through photographs (by Noel Tovia Matoff) and excerpts of interviews (by Sylvie Paycha and Sara Azzali) of thirteen women mathematicians throughout Europe. This website provides a platform for contact, exchange and mutual assistance.

Dr Kasia Rejzner says: "Making a mistake should not be a reason for getting discouraged. You need to explore many things before finding a good idea. In mathematics, there is a clear cut between what is right or wrong, and it is easy to make a mistake, so do not fear making a mistake in front of your colleagues. Keep in mind that it is easier to be wrong than to be correct." 

The exhibition will be hosted in York in June 2017.