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PhD student, Mirjam Weilenmann's research is highlighted as an Editor's Suggestion in Physical Review Letters.


Together with European colleagues, Dr Kasia Rejzner has successfully applied for funding for a workshop entitled "Women at the Intersection of Mathematics and High Energy Physics" to be held at the Mainz Institute for Theoretical Physics in Berlin from 6-10 March 2017.


In January final year Mathematics students Sarah Lock and Molly McGrellis attended the Tomorrow's Tech Leaders Today conference for women, in London. This provided an opportunity for them to connect with the country's top employers and to participate in both workshops and panel discussions.



Dr Sara Munday visited the East China Normal University and Jiao Tong University, both in Shanghai in September. Sara gave a series of graduate-level lectures (predominantly to masters students) on infinite ergodic theory and the connections to number theory and was able to forge new connections with researchers with similar interests.


In August, Dr Kasia Rejzner presented at the 17th European Women in Mathematics meeting in Cortona, Italy. Kasia was interviewed at the conference and her profile will feature in an exhibition of women mathematicians around the world.


Congratulations to Mathematics undergraduate prize winners! Shown above are some of the female winner.  Left to right: Amelia Haynes, Naomi Petch, Rosie Hume and Juliette Cooke. 


Dr Pierre Dechant coordinated the Pint of Science outreach festival in York, together with Mathematics PhD student organisers, Jos Gunn and Emilio Zappa. The Head of Department, Professor Ed Corrigan, and Equality and Good Practice Committee chair, Dr Julie Wilson were among the speakers.



Scientists discover viral ‘Enigma machine’Professor Reidun Twarock was part of the team which has cracked a code that governs infections by a major group of viruses including the common cold and polio. The research made headline news in national newspapers.



Heather Cork, Student Administration Manager wins the Excellence in Teaching and Supervision Awards: Unsung Hero of Non-Academic Staff.  The award states: "Heather is one of those people who constantly amazes you, she is that person that knows and loves you. On top of all this amazing work, she also helps greatly with Maths Soc, providing a strong link between the society and the Department. I know Maths Soc wouldn't be half of what it is now without her”


Six females were among the Mathematics final year students awarded prizes, from left to right: Sarah Tyson, Sarah Kirkpatrick, Kerry Foster, Rebecca Wilson, Danny Tullock, Dominic Toolan, Clare Wallace, Nicola-Louise Morgan, Lee Curtin (and Alexander Hurst not pictured).


The Mary Cartwright Lecture is an annual event organised by the London Mathematical Society. Professor Reidun Twarock (Mathematics/Biology) was selected by the Women in Mathematics Committee to give this year's lecture 'Viruses and geometry: hidden symmetries in virology'. Professor Twarock also gave the Merchant Adventurers' Science Discovery Lecture entitled 'Geometry: A secret weapon in the fight against viruses'.