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Athena SWAN Activities

Women's lunches

Women's lunches arranged by the Athena SWAN working group in the Maths Department have been a great success, providing a way for female PhD students to get to know each other and female members of staff. This can be particularly important for students from some cultural backgrounds. Bring your own lunch - cakes will usually be provided!


Staff from the department frequently take part in outreach activities, from University open dayssubject taster days and school visits to science trails, public events and a range of popular lectures. Our aim is to promote interest in mathematics, and to encourage more students to study mathematics at A level and beyond. We have a range of activities that cater for school pupils of all ages. See our Schools and Outreach page for further details.

YCCSA Art Group

The art group was started by a few interdisciplinary mathematicians and is held in the Ron Cooke Hub on Heslington East, where YCCSA (the York Centre for Complex Systems Analysis) is based. Although there was no intention to restrict the group to women, or indeed to mathematicians, current members do all happen to be female staff or PhD students from the Maths Department. Meetings are usually on Mondays from about 7pm, but are somewhat erratic, so if you would like to come along, contact Julie Wilson or Reidun Twarock to make sure someone will be there.

Artistic talent is not a pre-requisite, but wine and crisps often are!

Maths Society

The Maths Society organises a range of events to get students engaged with mathematics and to get to know one another. This year's popular lectures began with a talk by Professor Ed Corrigan entitled '10' and ended with 'Death and Misfortune in Mathematical Biology' by Dr. Jon Pitchford. A study group helped by Professor Tony Sudbery has spent a term each on Godel's Incompleteness Theorem and on non-Euclidean Geometry

This year the Maths society were awarded 'Highly Commended' in 'YUSU Society of the Year'.