Dr Sumohon Matilal
Lecturer in Accounting and Finance and Programme Leader for MSc Accounting & Financial Management



Sumohon joined the York Management School as a Lecturer in Accounting in October 2015, having previously worked at the University of Exeter Business School and the Essex Business School.

Sumohon holds a first class BComm (Hons) degree and a first class MComm (Hons) degree from the University of Calcutta, a master degree in Research Methods (MRes) in Accounting and Management Studies and a PhD in Management Studies, from the University of Essex. He is a fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Sumohon’s research interests are interdisciplinary and qualitative in focus and are mainly concerned with a critical examination of the way the calculative practices of accounting function in the backdrop of crises.

Subject Group

Accounting and Finance



Sumohon's main research interests are:

  • Accounting in crises
  • Calculative practices
  • Corruption and the role of the accountant
  • Accounting and the irrational

Sumohon’s research interests lie in the realms of critical accounting, a research genre that considers accounting to be a social and political construct. His doctoral thesis was based on the Bhopal Gas Tragedy in India, in 1984 and entailed an examination of the limits of corporate reporting in the event of a disaster, giving particular attention to issues related to the gulf between appearances and the experiences that such constructions conceal.

Sumohon’s research is predominantly concerned with examining the ways in which accounting information, under the guise of numerical objectivity and a ‘true and fair view’, is used to communicate with wider audiences to attain specific objectives – be it to legitimise certain actions or to embellish particular notions while excluding others or to manipulate/control public opinion, or to structure popular formations, and so forth. He is interested in examining the tensions between the organisational account and the other accounts that remain on or are pushed to the fringes yet continue to subvert the authority of the official voice.

In the process, Sumohon’s research questions the efficacy of the ‘one size fits all’ approach of accounting schemes in representing organisational reality, particularly in the backdrop of catastrophic scenarios such as disasters, financial or otherwise and advocates the need for restoring plurivocality to accounting practice.


Selected publications

Refereed journal articles

2019 Matilal, S and Adhikari, P ‘Accounting in Bhopal: Making Catastrophe’, Critical Perspectives on Accounting (AJG 3) (in press)

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Working papers

2019 Adhikari, P, Matilal, S and Kuruppu, C, ‘Accounting, Accountants and Corruption: Evidence from Nepal', Accounting Forum (R&R)

2019 Matilal, S, and Adhikari, P ‘Reporting Bhopal: An Ethic of Care Approach’, Journal of Business Ethics

Conference proceedings

2018 “Accounting in Bhopal: Making Catastrophe”, Association of Business Historians Annual Conference 2018, The Open University, Milton Keynes

2017 “Bhopal: Questioning the Ethic of Rationality”, 11th European Network for Research in Organisational and Accounting Change Conference, University of Naples, Federico II.

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2005 “Decomposing Bodies: Contrasting Accounts of Excess”, Standing Conference on Organisational Symbolism XXIII, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm

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