Mike Tse
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My research activities started in the Business Automotive Laboratory in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The research activities included developing decision support systems in logistics and warehouse management activities, and building various simulation platforms in procurement management, logistics management and enterprise resource planning for training students in bachelor and master levels. In 2008, I left the researcher job at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University to pursue my PhD research at The University of Nottingham. My research field has shifted from decision support system to empirical research. My current major research is to study risk perception and risk mitigation practices in solving supply chain food fraud risk by multiple research approach (big social data mining, case study, and large scale survey). Due to my background, my research crosses over different disciplines, including empirical study of risk management and supply chain management, data-mining of big social media, decision support in risk management, warehouse management, and OM educational areas.


Project title: Horsemeat Scandal and Big Social Data: Understanding Consumer Perceptions towards Food Fraud and Retailer and Food Standards Agency Responses,(2014-2016) BA/SAMS Small Research Grants; funded by British Academy and the Society for the Advancement of Management Studies

Project title: Exploring Quality Risk in the Food Supply Chain: Strategic insights from horsemeat scandals, Seed-Corn Research Fund 2013/2014; funded by Charter institute of Logistics and Transport, UK (CILT)

Subject Group

People, Operations and Marketing


Selected publications

Tse, Y.K., Zhang, M. & Jia, F. (2018)  The effects of risk and reward sharing on quality performance.  International Journal of Operations and Production Management  (Accepted, Forthcoming 2018. ABS ranking: 4-star)  
Tse, Y. K., Loh, H., Ding, J., & Zhang, M. (2018). An investigation of social media data during a product recall scandal. Enterprise Information Systems (Accepted, Forthcoming 2018. ABS ranking: 2-star) 
Tse, Y. K., Zhang, M., Tan, K. H., Pawar, K., & Fernandes, K. J. (2018). Managing quality risk in supply chain to drive firm's performance: the roles of control mechanisms. Journal of Business Research.  (Accepted, Forthcoming 2018. ABS ranking: 3-star)
Matthews, R., Tse, Y. K., Wallis, M., & Marzec, P. (2018). A stakeholder perspective on Process Improvement Behaviours: Delivering the Triple Bottom-Line in SMEs. Production Planning and Control. (Accepted, Forthcoming 2018. ABS ranking: 3-star)

Zhang, M., Tse, Y. K., Dai, J., & Chan, H. K. (2017). Examining green supply chain management and financial performance: roles of social control and environmental dynamism. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management. (Accepted, Forthcoming 2017. ABS ranking: 3-star)

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 Mike Tse

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