Lynn Parkinson
Lecturer in Management



Lynn Parkinson is an experienced lecturer and trainer in marketing and sales topics. 

Lynn has worked with a range of UK universities, including Warwick University, University of Bradford, Leeds University and Cranfield University.  Lynn also holds a Visiting Fellowship at the Centre for British Studies at Humboldt University (in Berlin, Germany). Lynn also worked for NIMBAS, a Dutch based business school, for many years.  Lynn’s work has involved considerable travel, working in Europe, South East Asia, the Middle East, and the Caribbean. 

Lynn has designed and delivered programmes to prepare teaching materials for CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) academic and training programmes at various levels.  Lynn has written (or co-written) several books and study guides for professional courses in Marketing.

Lynn has worked with SMEs (small and medium sized businesses), including designing and delivering programmes in marketing for the BPIF (British Printing Industry Federation) as well as working with major international consumer brands, including Philip Morris and Mars.  She has also worked with financial services companies including Halifax Bank, industrial companies and with worked with a range of international companies, including Otis Elevators, Hewlett Packard, Alltech, IBM and Avis. She has also worked with several chemicals companies. Lynn also was the lecturer in charge of the BBC MBA Marketing module, which ran for several years.  This also led to a spin off programme for all marketing staff in the BBC.

Lynn worked as a trainer for the UK Cabinet Office, helping senior civil servants to recognise the need to understand citizen consumers.


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People, Operations and Marketing

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