Kim Loader
Senior Lecturer in Public Finance and Graduate Teaching Assistant Coordinator



As an undergraduate I attended St. Andrews University, where I studied and graduated with an MA in Economics. I then trained to be an accountant with CIPFA whilst working for Cambridgeshire County Council. Before joining the York Management School in 2008, I held teaching posts at Southampton Institute for Higher Education and the University of Teesside. At Southampton Institute (now Southampton Solent University) I taught mainly on professional accountancy courses, especially CIPFA and ACCA, and also organised and taught a programme for the Institute of Internal Auditors. Whilst there I also obtained the Postgraduate Certificate in Education for Teaching in Further and Higher Education. At Teesside I taught a range of courses but specialised in public sector accounting and taxation policy. I also ran the MBA (Public Management). Whilst there I also completed an MSc in Social Research Methods. My teaching and research interests continue to focus upon financial and accounting issues within the public sector.

Subject Group

Accounting and Finance



My research focus is public sector procurement. To date this has adopted a policy perspective to examine, in particular, the supply relationships between public sector purchasers and small firm suppliers. I am currently developing this work to explore the impact of procurement models and the role of lean approaches for both this relationship, and for public sector procurement in general. I am also completing a review of literature to establish the extent of current knowledge of lean supply practices and their impact upon small firm suppliers as there little work in this area to date.

I have previously been involved in a study to determine budgetary practice within housing associations. Our interest was the impact of organisational change upon practice, and involved a grounded study of one housing association in the north of England, followed by a survey of those housing associations which were formed following stock transfer.

Prior work includes:

  • participation in and evaluation of a European funded project aimed at improving training success with SMEs, and
  • a study to examine the impact of bidding for funding upon local government resource management in the UK


Full publications list

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Conferences / Seminars

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