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Professor Jeff Jia



Fu (Jeff) Jia is a Chair Professor of Supply Chain Management at the Management School, University of York. He is Theme Lead of Sustainability and Resilience Research Theme at TYMS. He was a co-founder and director of ‘Business, Nature and Value Research Centre’ affiliated to Exeter, which aims to focus on the relationships between business, nature and value creation. At BNV, Dr Jia leads large scale research projects and supervises a number of post-doc and PhD students.

Professor Jia is a visiting professor to University of Exeter, UK, Zhejiang University, China and Free University of Bozen, Italy. Professor Jia’s research interests include supply relationship management in a cross cultural context, global sourcing, supply chain learning and innovation and sustainable SCM in agricultural and industrial contexts.

He is a productive author publishing in top OM/SCM, Agri-food and IB journals such as Journal of Operations Management, International Journal of Operations and Production Management, Food Policy, Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, International Journal of Production Economics, International Business Review, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Journal of Business Logistics and Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management, and International Journal of Logistics Management among others. He has also published three books and contributed several book chapters.

Professor Jia is an Associate Editor of International Journal of Operations and Production Management and Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management, a Managing Editor of International Food and Agribusiness Management Review (IFAMR) and an Editorial Review Board Member of Industrial Marketing Management.

Professor Jia has led and being closely involved with industry on a number of large scale projects including Newton Caldas with University of Los Andes in Colombia; WWF climate savers Chinese innovation case studies; Global sourcing and International Purchasing Offices, to name a few.

He is Principal Investigator on a series of  ‘Innovation Case Studies’ examining sustainability-related innovations by the Chinese-based operations of eight multi-national companies (all well-known brands, headquartered in the US, Europe and China). This is a multi-disciplinary project involving colleagues in leadership studies (Jonathan Gosling), innovation (John Bessant) and supply chain management (Jeff Jia), as well as close liaison with industrial partners. It is funded by WWF China and the HEFCE HE Innovation Fund up to 2014/15 academic year.  A spin-out project on ‘Agricultural natural resource management’ is planned and Tetra Pak provided an initial fund.

In a separate project Professor Jia investigated the roles and capabilities required for the ‘International Purchasing Office in China’ (2010-2014) in the process of Global Sourcing for MNCs, and has a series of publications published or accepted by top international journals, with Professor Richard Lamming (Manchester Business School). He has extensive research links and collaborates with world class academics in the UK, US, Italy, China and Japan, and has worked with Supply Chain Management experts Professors Andrew Cox, Martin Christopher and Professor Lamming in different stages of his academic career.

Nationality: Chinese


Jeff holds a BEng in Mechanical Engineering from China, an MBA from Birmingham Business School and an MRes and a PhD in Management from Cranfield School of Management.

Academic and professional associations

  • MCIPS (Member of Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply)
  • SFHEA (Senior Fellow of Higher Education Academy)
  • Member of IACMR (International Association of Chinese Management Research)
  • Member of British Academy of Management (BAM)
  • Member of Asia Academy of Management
  • Member of International Purchasing and Supply Education and Research Association (IPSERA)

Subject Group

People, Operations and Marketing



Jeff’s research areas are focused on purchasing and supply management with a particular interest in global sourcing, buyer-supplier relationships in a cross cultural context and sustainability in the supply chains.

  • Agricultural supply chain management and cooperatives: Look at the roles assumed by cooperatives in the supply chain helping smallholder farmers to access to market and achieving sustainability and competitiveness at the same time.
  • E-commerce in Agriculture: Investigate the e-commerce ecosystem as a supply chain innovation which changes what a company can offer to the customers and also cross-border e-commerce and poverty alleviation through e-commerce
  • Global sourcing (Global Sourcing/IPO project): this is an extension of my PhD project. International Procurement Office is under researched but increasingly important area of research in global sourcing literature. A second phase of this project is planned; large grants are to be applied for.
  • Sustainable supply chain management (WWF projects): this is to understand how MNCs mobilize resources and create green supply chains in China.
  • Supply chain learning (SCL) (PhD project title: “Cultural adaptation between western buyers and Chinese suppliers”). Cultural adaptation is also seen as a mitigating strategy against supply relational risk caused by cultural differences. This interest is further developed through the PhD project with Yu Gong.

All these areas are interrelated and under an umbrella research area of ‘Global supply chain management’.

Research projects

  • WWF Chinese Climate Savers Chinese Innovation Case Studies: as PI (2010-2014)
    We are commissioned by WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) to carry out this project on innovation solutions for Green house gas reduction based on 10 MNCs subsidiaries and 2 Chinese newly recruited climate savers in China (Nokia Siemens Network, Tetra Pak, Fairmont Hotels, Lafarge, Sony, Volvo, HP, and SKF).
  • International Procurement Office (IPO) project as PI (2010-2014)
    This project is centrally funded by the business school. I am the Primary Investigator for this project, carrying out all the fieldwork, analysis and writing. We have been collaborating with Professor Guido Nassimbeni and Dr. Marco Sartor at the University of Udine on this project. Jeff has been working with Cummins, Phillips, Mothercare, IKEA, Domino and Danieli among other 14 MNCs.
  • 3D printing enabled supply chain (2012-2013)
    The project is jointly funded by Chartered Institute of Transport and Logistics (£7.5k) and Bridging the Gap (£7.5k). This is collaboration with Choc Edge, a spin-off company at Exeter.


Jeff has generated in total over £500,000 external funding from various sources as Primary Investigator (PI) so far.

  • Newton Caldas Institutional Link with Colombia valued £300k including match fund from Colombia: work with University Los Andes to carry out a research project on ‘Agricultural supply chain management  for dairy and flower industries’.
  • Newton Mobility grant with Stellenbosch University in South Africa valued £10k building research links with Dr Scott Drimie, Director of Southern African Food Lab at Stellenbosch.
  • Newton Mobility grant with PUCPR in Brazil valued £10k (CI).
  • Leverhulme Visiting Professor grant (PI) valued £28k inviting Prof. Zhaohui Wu (Oregon State) over to Exeter for three months working with me on ‘Agricultural resource management’ project and help develop ‘Sustainable supply management’ module in which I am the module leader for the OPMBA.
  • WWF project: A fund of £42k has been raised by me (PI) from WWF (WWF phase 1, 2 & 3 projects), which is match funded by the university. The total value of the grant is: £80k
  • Tetra Pak China has given us £14k to do a contract research project at our discretion
  • 3D chocolate printing supply chain project: CILT and BTG jointly funded the project ‘3D chocolate printing supply chain’ valued £16k (PI).
  • Seed Corn fund from the University of Exeter Business School valued £10k for the IPO project. (2010 & 2011)
  • University of Exeter Outward Mobility Fellowship for three consecutive years (2010, 2011 & 2012) valued £5k for each year.
  • ERASMUS Teaching Mobility award for teaching at the University of Udine, Italy from European Union (2011 and 2012) valued £5k for each year


Selected publications

Jia, F., Wu, Z. and Gosling, J. (2013). “Tetra Pak: Sustainable Initiatives in China.” The Case Centre (formerly ECCH).

  • Selected runner-up for the ‘Best teaching case award’ by Decision Sciences conference 2013 (Baltimore, USA).

Howard, M., Wu, Zhaohui, Jia, F. (2015). “Exploring triadic dynamics between government, OEMs and suppliers: Performance based contracting in the UK defense industry.” Academy of Management annual conference 2015, August 7-11, Vancouver, Canada

  • Selected as one of the finalists for best paper award for OM division.

Orzes, G., Jia, F., Sartor, M. and Nassembeni, G. (2015). “Does social accountability pay off? An empirical investigation on the performance impact of SA8000.” 22nd International Annual EurOMA Conference, 26 June - 1 July 2015, Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

Gong, Y., Jia, F. Brown, S. and Koh, L. (2017). “Supply Chain Learning of Sustainability in Multi-tier Supply Chains: A resource orchestration perspective”, 24th International Annual EurOMA Conference, July 3-5, 2017, Edinburgh, Scotland

  • Selected as The Chris Voss Highly Commended Award or runner-up for the best paper at the conference out of over 400 papers presented. Yu Gong and Guido Orzes were my PhD students.

Full publications list


Brown, S., Bessant, J. and Jia, F. (2018). Strategic Operations Management. Taylor and Francis. 4th Ed.

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Refereed journal papers published or accepted

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