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Fabien Pecot
Lecturer in Marketing



Fabien Pecot joined the York Management School in 2017 as Lecturer in Marketing. He holds a PhD in Marketing from Aix-Marseille Graduate School of Management (IAE), a MSc in Communications from NEOMA Business School, and a BSc in History from Aix-Marseille University. Prior to joining academia, Fabien has worked as a consultant in communications for approximately 5 years. During his PhD, Fabien was visiting scholar at Boston College (2014) and at the University of Washington Tacoma (2017).

Fabien’s main research focus is the concept of brand heritage, its definition, measurement and effect on consumers’ preferences. Building on heritage, nostalgia and chauvinism, he also looks at the effect of rightist ideology on consumption patterns.

Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy (HEA), he is an active member of the Academy of Marketing Science.


Fabien is module leader for Marketing Principles and Practice, Marketing in Context, and Heritage Marketing and Management. 

Subject Group

People, Operations and Marketing



Having a background in history, Fabien’s research to date focuses on brands’ representations of the past with four axes mixing qualitative and quantitative methods:

  • The measurement of brand heritage perception and potential cultural biases between Western and Eastern contexts.
  • Consumers’ cognitive or affective response to heritage branding.
  • The management of brand heritage.
  • The influence of rightist ideology on consumption patterns.

He is interested in supervising works related to any of these four axes but most particularly to the following projects:

  • The construction of brand heritage at Dom Perignon
  • The relation between brand heritage and perceived authenticity
  • Brexiters’ attitudes towards the market, foreign brands, multinationals…


Selected publications

Journal articles (peer-reviewed)

Cambefort and Pecot (forthcoming) “Theorising the rightist reasons against consumption”, Accepted for publication in Marketing Theory.

Pecot, Valette-Florence and De Barnier (2019) “Brand heritage as a temporal perception: conceptualisation, measure and consequences”, Journal of Marketing Management, doi:

Pecot, Merchant, Valette-Florence, and De Barnier (2018) “Cognitive outcomes of brand Heritage: A Signaling Perspective”, Journal of Business Research, 85 (April), 304-316.

Pecot and De Barnier (2018) “Brands using historical references: a consumers’ perspective” Journal of Brand Management 25(2), 171-184. 

Pecot and De Barnier (2017), “Brand heritage: the past in the service of brand management”, Recherche et Applications en Marketing, doi: 10.1177/0767370116685542 (CNRS 2).

Pecot and De Barnier (2015), « Stratégies de marques de ville basées sur le patrimoine de marque : le rôle des symboles », Management & Avenir, n°78, juin, p.143-159 (CNRS 4).

Conferences (selection)

Cambefort and Pecot (2017), “Rightist resistance to the market”, paper presented at the Association for Consumer Research North American Conference, San Diego.

Pecot, Valette-Florence and De Barnier (2017), “Brand Heritage: a multidimensional measurement scale to assess consumers' perception”, paper presented at 46th European Marketing Academy Conference EMAC, Gröningen

Pecot and De Barnier (2016), Strategic management of brand heritage: Two positioning perspectives, paper presented at the Academy of Marketing Science World Marketing Congress. IESEG School of Management,  Paris, 19th – 23rd of July.

Hudson, Pecot, Mir and De Barnier (2016), Managing temporality: Brand heritage at Dom Perignon. Paper presented at Monaco’s symposium on luxury. INSEEC, Monaco 7th and 8th of April.

Chapters in books

Pecot and De Barnier (2017). “Corporate heritage or corporate inheritance: a French perspective” in Balmer, JM. (Ed) Foundations of Corporate Heritage. Routledge. (Publication March 2017, ISBN: 9781138833555).

Pecot (2016). “Le Patrimoine de marque en publicité” in De Barnier (Ed), De la stratégie marketing à la création publicitaire, Dunod, 4th edition, Paris.

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