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Carole Howorth
Professor of Sustainable and Ethical Entrepreneurship



Professor Carole Howorth is York’s Chair in Sustainable and Ethical Entrepreneurship. She was previously with Bradford University School of Management where she was Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Business, Associate Dean for Research and in 2016 Interim Dean. Carole researches entrepreneurship in family and social contexts and chairs the Global STEP Family Enterprising Project working with 40 universities around the world to examine successful transgenerational entrepreneurship practices within large family businesses. She is Academic Advisor to the Institute for Family Business Research Foundation and Chair of their Advisory Panel.

Carole was a mature entrant into higher education, having left school at 16 and founded her first business at the age of 19. She worked at Nottingham University as a lecturer in entrepreneurship and corporate finance before joining Lancaster University Management School to specialise in family businesses, becoming Professor of Family Business and Entrepreneurship and founding director of the LUMS Centre for Family Business.


Carole’s teaching is research-led, encouraging students to develop a critical and reflexive approach. Group work and collaboration are essential to entrepreneurship and therefore underpin approaches to entrepreneurship teaching.  Students are encouraged to use academic research, theories and frameworks to solve real world problems and to practically apply them to entrepreneurship. Real world entrepreneurial problems usually require interdisciplinary perspectives, creative approaches and risk taking; students will be encouraged to develop such approaches, alongside consideration of the ethical and societal impact of their entrepreneurial endeavours.

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Work Management and Organisation

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REF 2021 Co-ordinator



Professor Carole Howorth mainly conducts research into entrepreneurship at the nexus of social and business values, particularly in family enterprises. Whilst businesses are usually performance based systems, families are about relationships and emotions. Family businesses provide a fascinating context where business imperatives meet social and family values, creating challenges for family and corporate governance and opportunities for alternative approaches to management and strategy. Throughout the world, family businesses are the dominant business form and some have survived for centuries. Many family businesses’ time horizons are not just the next generation but the generations following, making them conscious of their societal and environmental impact and the epitome of sustainable entrepreneurship.

Carole’s work with the Global STEP Family Enterprising Project examines transgenerational entrepreneurship, with a particular interest in family entrepreneurial teams and next generation family members.

Students who are looking to undertake PhD research in areas of entrepreneurship related to family and social enterprises are particularly welcome to get in contact.


Selected publications

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Reports (recent only)

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