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Researchers Professor Peter Ball and Professor Jill MacBryde


Given the long term potential impact of the Brexit vote on agricultural funding, along with ongoing increasing competitive pressures on small local farmers, the resilience of local AgriFood supply chains may be under threat.  A resilient and sustainable supply chain may address, for example: social issues through the employing local people; environmental issues by reducing food miles through supply network changes; economic issues by retaining the circulation of funds within the local community.


This collaborative interdisciplinary project with Lancaster University and funded through the N8 AgriFood programme has interviewed those in the farming, processing and retail operations to obtain data and we have used 'dynamic capabilities' as the theory to understand how companies sense, seize and transform. We have fed these findings back to those in food supply chains to give them a greater insight into how the sector and they can respond as well as given them an opportunity to inform our research direction.

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The York Management School greatly values theoretical advance that is achieved through interdisciplinary research teams and has impact in business, public sector, charities and wider society. Here we profile a variety of examples of our research that are complete as well as ongoing.

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