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Researcher: Dr Anna Einarsdottir


Dr Anna Einarsdóttir and Dr Salome Osia are working with Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service on a co-produced ESRC IAA funded project on diversification of volunteering. The project is designed to improve understanding of the scheme with the view to improve representationfrom Black, Asian, Minority ethnic communities amongst volunteers. Salome has been located at the Service since May gaining first hand insight into the scheme by working closely with volunteers and paid staff.


This information feeds directly into Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service Prevent Review resulting in immediate (operational changes) and long term impact (service delivery,composition of the volunteering population, community reach) on the volunteering scheme. Links are also be forged with local volunteering organisation as well as North Yorkshire Police volunteering scheme for knowledge exchange and collaboration.

Research and its wider impact

The York Management School greatly values theoretical advance that is achieved through interdisciplinary research teams and has impact in business, public sector, charities and wider society. Here we are profiling a variety of examples of our research projects that are complete as well as ongoing.