Victor Perez Moraga


Research topic: Unlocking, developing and leading creativity in organisations, teams and employees.

Nowadays, organisations need to create a climate for innovation and creativity among its employees a thus face the unpredictable circumstances of businesses and markets environments. Additionally, organisational creativity demands complex relationships and processes between individuals in order to create new and useful ideas. When creative ideas are successfully implemented they become in innovations, consequently, to maximise organisational creativity we need to understand the processes and routes of leadership, creativity and innovation.

My research aims to understand and define the role of leaders for organisational creativity identifying those factors and relations which impact on its development.

Supervisors: Dr Lynne Baxter and Dr Carolyn Hunter


My name is Victor Perez Moraga, Designer and Master of Strategic Design. Along my academic and professional career I have specialised in matters related to management, branding, leadership, creativity and innovation, areas that have a positive impact on companies and organisations, being able to contribute in their positioning, reputation and performance.

The University of York Management School
University of York
Church Lane Building
York Science Park
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