Research topic: Internal Marketing: The impact, significance and implementation towards Community College Malaysia-UK Employees.

Research interests: Marketing, Internal Marketing, Sales and Branding and Entrepreneurship.

Supervisors: Professor Bob Doherty and Dr Alex Gillett.


After completing her Masters in Education from University Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia, Rosmaizura was a lecturer at a Community College, Ministry of Education Malaysia, in 2008. Her area of teaching is Business Accounting and Marketing. After four years of becoming lecturer, she became part of the Community College administrative officer and was appointed Senior Assistant Director after one year. Rosmaizura obtained her Bachelor of Accountancy with Honors from the University of Technology MARA after finishing her Diploma in Accountancy in 2003 at the same university.

Before pursuing a Masters degree, she had experience in industry.  Rosmaizura was promoted as a Stock Replenishment Review Associate at Tesco Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. Her area of specialization was Fresh Department handling sales marketing, stock maintenance and holding.  Before being an associate, she was a cashier and learned about customer service. In addition, during the semester break, she worked part-time at a Chartered Accountants, DP Management and Services, and gained significant competency skills.

Rosmaizura has been awarded with Scholarship (In-Service Training) for Lecturers of Malaysian Polytechnics and Community Colleges to pursue her PhD in Management at University of York.