Research topic: The Unforeseen Consequences of Privatisation on Knowledge Capital in the British Rail Industry.

Research interests:  My interests relate to policy, strategy and marketing.  My work in the rail industry has led to a particular interest in the potential value added to business performance by the implicit knowledge held by managers within, and peculiar to, individual organisations and the vulnerability of that knowledge.  I will be looking at the availability and sharing of knowledge within the rail industry before and after privatisation.

Supervisors: Professors Teresa da Silva Lopes and Dr Colin Divall


I have returned to academic study after spending the previous 28 years working in marketing, operations and strategy roles in the publishing, transport and infrastructure sectors.  I am studying part-time whilst continuing to work freelance, which is challenging, but stimulating.  During my career, I have witnessed major changes to the institutional arrangements governing the delivery of public services and to the structure of associated industries.  I have also led a number of rail industry research projects on topics ranging from the prevention of teenage trespass to the return on investment in training.


  • Improving the Content and Placement of Anti-Trespass Signs - People and Rail Systems: By Nicola Forsdike, Claire Turner, Fiona Bellerby, Sue Nelson and Paul McGuire. Human Factors at the Heart of the Railway, Ashgate Publishing Limited, 2007