Kiev Ariza Garcia


Research topic: Neoliberalism and For-Profit Institutions: The Laureate International Universities Case Study

Research interests: Global Higher Education, Internationalization, Commodification of HE, Educational Corporations, Higher Education Policy, Globalization and For Profit Higher Education Institutions

Supervisors: Dr Simon Mollan and Professor Bill Cooke


Kiev Ariza is a PhD in Management candidate at the York Management School, University of York. His doctoral project is entitled Neoliberalism and For-Profit Institutions: The Laureate International Universities Case Study. It analyses for-profit higher education institutions, internationalization and growth strategies, financialization, legitimacy and neoliberalism. This research aims to investigate the role of for-profit universities in the internationalization of higher education, and to engage in current debates about the freedom of choice under on-going privatization initiatives in higher education. It simultaneously provides a detailed narrative about the evolution of neoliberal ideology in contemporary societies, nation-states' public policy packages about higher education, and a discussion about the confronted notion of higher education as public good versus a private commodity.

Before coming to the UK, He worked as Marketing Director for a private-for-profit university in Mexico, and part of his earlier experience was founding and leading an entrepreneurial project of a business magazine edited and distributed in southern Mexico. He is a guest economic and financial analyst for Bloomberg Mexico on Brexit and the European Union.