Timing, Spacing, Organizing: Getting to 'How'

Thursday 28 June 2018, 10.00AM to 29 June 2.30pm

Speaker(s): Professor Stephen Linstead (University of York), Dr Karen Dale (Lancaster University), Professor Joanna Latimer (University of York), Professor Nik Brown (University of York)

Times: Thursday 28th June 10.00-16.45 and Friday 29th June 09.30 - 14.30

Venue: PZA/106X (106 &107), Piazza Building, Heslington East, University of York

Course objectives:
• To provide advanced training to later stage PhD students and Early Career Researchers regarding how to study timing, spacing and organizing
• To develop from conceptual to methodological approaches for researching timing and spacing within and around organizations 
• To identify and discuss how ontological and epistemological assumptions affect how we study timing, spacing and organizing
• To advance knowledge, practice and research skills around how to conduct research into timing and spacing in a variety of organizational settings
• To establish a network of timing, spacing, organizing researchers that will share best practices

This event is being run by NARTI and The York Management School. To register your interest and to request a place please go to: https://lubswww.leeds.ac.uk/narti/events/article/timing-spacing-organizing-getting-to-how-registration-open/


Location: PZA/106X