• Date and time: Wednesday 1 March 2017, 2.29pm to 3.30pm
  • Location: LMB/020

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Karel Musilek will talk about his doctoral research on the co-living phenomenon. At the most general level the research asks how individuals develop personal and affective relationships with the economy in general and work in particular. It explores how workers’ subjectivity is developed in innovative discourses of work and examines the way these ideas are applied in practice in co-living. Co-living presents a form of cohabitation in which similarly minded individuals live and work together in purpose built accommodation. Co-living establishments combine rented accommodation with a shared workspace. Spreading predominantly in areas of work with burgeoning new technology industries, co-living establishments are connected to a wider phenomenon of work in the ‘knowledge economy’. Co-living is thought to generate innovation and creativity upon which new businesses are founded and careers reinvented. It can also be seen as social settings that promise to foster particularly intensive and affective relations to work and economic activity. The presentation will cover the theoretical background and methodological design of the research as well as reflections on early observations.

Dr Kimberley Jamie and Mr Karel Musilek, Durham University

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