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Below is a summary of selected publications, conferences organised and grant funding obtained by centre core members. 

Selected Publications

Baxter, L.F. and MacLeod, A. M. (2005) Shifting forms of masculinity in changing organizations. Journal of Organizational Change Management, 18(6), 627-641.

Baxter, L.F. and MacLeod A.M. (2008) Managing performance improvement. New York: Routledge.

Hunter, C., Jemielniak, D. and Postuła, A. (2010) Temporal and spatial shifts within playful work. Journal of Organizational Change Management 23(1) pp.87 - 102.

Linsley, P. M. and Shrives, P. J. (2009) Mary Douglas, risk and accounting failures. Critical Perspectives on Accounting, 20(4), 492-508.

Linstead, S. A. (2010) Organizational culture in a wider field: Is there a post post-Culture? In N. Ashkanasy, C. Wilderom and M. Peterson, eds. Handbook of organizational culture and climate , 2 nd  Ed. Thousand Oaks: Sage.

Linstead, S. A., Marechal, G. and Griffin, R. (2012) The dark side of organization. Special issue of Organization Studies (forthcoming).

Schoneboom, A. (2007) Diary of a working boy: Creative resistance among anonymous workbloggers. Ethnography 8(4) 403-423.

Schoneboom, A (2010) Workblogging in a Facebook age. Work, Employment & Society, 24(4), 132-140.

Ward, J. & McMurray (2011) Perceiving and managing emotion. In E. Rose and M. Butler, eds. Introduction to organisational behaviour. London: CIPD.

Wood, M. and Brown, S. (2011) Lines of flight: Everyday resistance along England’s backbone . Organization,  18(4), 517-540.

Conferences Organised

Linstead S. A., Ward, J. (Co-covenors) Baxter, L. Hunter, C and Schoneboom, A. (local organizing committee) 2012 Creativity and Critique: The 6 th  Art of Management and Organization Conference , York, Sept 4-7.

Linstead S. A. 2010  (Co-organiser of Stream) Organization after Empire: State, Corporate and Popular Resistances to the Crises of Capitalism, European Academy of Management, Tor Vegata University, Rome, Italy, May 19-22.

Linstead S. A. 2009 (Co-organiser of Stream) After Dark: Organizations and the Night-time Economy, 6th International Critical Management Conference Warwick Business School, The University of Warwick, UK, July 13–15.

Linstead S. A. 2009 (Co-organiser of Stream) So what do you do? The Art of Practice in the 21 st  Century Organization,  25 th  European Group for Organization Studies Conference ESADE, Barcelona, July 1-4.

Linstead S. A 2008 (Co-organiser) Behind the Scenes, Between the Lines: Dis-membering the Dark Side of Organization, Wortley Hall, Sheffield, June 25-27.

Linstead S. A. 2008-9 (Co-organiser) ESRC Seminar Series Abjection and Alterity in the Workplace, Universities of Leicester, Warwick, Loughborough and York, May 28th.

Linstead S. A. 2008/2010 (Co-organiser) Telling Tales: First and Second International Conferences on Qualitative Research in Management and Organization, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque.


Recent Research Funding Obtained:

RMIT Research Exchange Fellowship 2011 (Prof S. A Linstead and Prof. M. Wood) A$6500.

ESRC Seminar Series 2007-9 Prof. J. Brewis (Leicester), Prof S. A. Linstead (York), Dr. P. Hancock (Warwick) Dr. M. Tyler (Loughborough) Abjection and Alterity in the Workplace (RES-451-26-0352) £17,719.