Accessibility statement

Centre for the Study of Working Lives: Our Objectives, Threads and Themes

Our Objectives

The Centre:

  • promotes the development of a conceptual base and theoretical resources to inform the development of future research in a range of disciplinary areas related to working lives.
  • develops multidisciplinary funding bids to major research funding bodies.
  • aims to establish specific opportunities for the creative development, exchange and constructive critique of research ideas through regular discussion events.
  • provides methodological development and training, through internal and externally facilitated workshops. 
  • invites external speakers to present and discuss their work, and where possible spend time working at York.
  • organizes multidisciplinary themed conferences focused on the enhancement and dissemination of research on working lives. 
  • is establishing links with local and national bodies with research interests and resources relating to working lives, especially datasets, archives, oral and film repositories. 
  • seeks to collaborate with similar groups internationally, with a network of international associates. 
  • publishes news and briefings on a regular basis and operates its own webpages.
  • organizes activities that contribute to the generation of funding for its research including workshops, conferences and consultancy.

 Our Threads

Running throughout the work of the Centre are three consistent threads, although they are consistent by the fact that they are a constant focus for exploration, critique, clarification, modification and development. The first is a continuous review and reflexive questioning of our common, and diverse, Concepts, Theory and Philosophy, underpinning and orienting our work. The second area is that of Methodology, Method and Techniques, where we work to incorporate new advances in ethnographic approaches, but also developments in using non-conventional media as part of the research process enriching and broadening the bandwidth of our data elicitation.  This links to our third theme, that of Writing, Representation and Presentation, in which we work on the ways in which we communicate our work and design accessibility and affective impact into its dissemination strategies.

Our Themes

We are interested in exploring a range of themes in and around contemporary and historical working lives. These include, but are not limited to: Beyond Work and Play - Boundaries and Lifestyles; Emotion Work and Affective Organization; Bodies at Work; Political Aesthetics of Work; Living and Working Creatively, Creative Work and Cultural Industry; Industries and Occupations; Psychodynamics and Working Lives; Lived Effects of Globalization; Shaping and Spacing Working Lives, Past and Present - Design Technology and Form.