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CEGBI PhD Seminars

Upcoming CEGBI PhD seminars

Speaker: Fabian Hoeft
Date: Autumn term - date to be confirmed
Venue: t.b.c.
Title: Assessing organisational capabilities of incumbent car manufacturers in light of current
influencing factors

Speaker: Dila Oral
Date: Autumn term - date to be confirmed
Venue: t.b.c.
Title: Integration of Sustainability: Why Sustainability in the Food Industry Is Important?

Recent Seminars

Speaker: Alice Janssens, Erasmus University, Rotterdam
Date: 15 October 2019
Title: "First class workmanship” at “reasonable prices”: Berliner Konfektion and the World Market

Speaker: Amy Linh Thuy Nguyen, University of York
Date: 28 October 2019
Title: Corruption and FDI inflows: Will the rising global middle-class be risk or reward toward the high-risk investments?


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