Inward Foreign Direct Investment & Intellectual Property Strategy for Multinational Enterprises - the case of Vietnam in Historical Perspective.

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Wednesday 20 June 2018, 12.30PM to 1.30pm

Speaker(s): Amy Linh Thuy Nguyen, The York Management School

For a country that is seen as the Asia’s next economic tiger, it is crucial to study the IP protection strategies in Vietnam, especially trademarks, for MNEs to ensure their competitiveness and long-run survivals within this market. This paper looks at the business history of trademarks on the Vietnam economic development between 1984 and 2016 by combining trademark registrations data with exports statistics and inward FDIs. The paper aims to fill in the inherent gap within academic literature about IP protection on inward foreign direct investment in Vietnam. It distinguishes strategies for IP protection between colonial and foreign investors versus local entrepreneurs. Cross-cultural issues are also considered in regard to the industries where the different types of entrepreneurs invested and the contributions of these industries to local economic development

Location: LMB/102b