Risks of turbulent environments: Multilatinas moving forward during Latin America’s liberalization reforms and aftermath

Picture of Beatriz Rodriguez

Monday 30 October 2017, 4.30PM to 5.30pm

Speaker(s): Beatriz Rodriguez-Satizabal, Queen Mary University of London


This talk focuses on Multilatinas, MNCs from Latin American countries that have been gaining importance as drivers of FDI within the region during the last two decades. It approaches the question on how Multilatinas have dealt with risks when expanding to other high risk countries in Latin America. As the trade liberalisation policies of the 1990s left large companies with two options: geographical diversification or perish, reaction was to expand their activities to the natural market in which companies were exporting. We will explore some of the common patterns of their internationalisation process to risky countries through the lenses of how strategic decisions taken in their domestic countries regarding political and economic turbulent environment gave Multilatinas a chance to succeed in other countries with similar patterns.


Beatriz Rodriguez-Satizabal holds degrees of Economics (BSc, Uniandes) and Economic History (MSc, LSE). She is currently a member of the Centre for Globalisation Research (QMUL) and the History, Business and Entrepreneurship Research Group (Uniandes). She specializes in business history. However, her interests span many more economic history and entrepreneurship topics. Her doctoral research at the School of Business and Management (QMUL) aims to deliver the means by which developing economies evolved from a loose aggregation of small firms to a large, complex, and strongly concentrated corporate governance system. More specifically, it focuses on the evolution of the business system during the twentieth century in Latin America, with a special emphasis in Colombia. Her research is an attempt to rethink the manner in which financial and real variables interact to form a variety of ownership structures.

Location: RCH/248x