Do you dare to move? Looking at the impact of relocation policy on the employees’ motivation in an Indonesian government organisation

Telviani Savitri

Wednesday 17 May 2017, 12.00PM to 1.00pm

Speaker(s): Telviani Savitri, University of York


This study explores the employees’ perception on the relocation policy that is implemented within their organisation, and the impact on their work motivation. The researcher is interested to study this topic since Indonesia, as an archipelagic and emerging country has distinctive conditions that might influence the willingness of the employees to be relocated periodically differently to that of the employees in other countries have. A case study in an Indonesian government organisation is chosen mainly because there are still very few research done in analysing the HRM role in the Indonesian government sector and the case organisation has experienced substantial expansion within the last 10 years, so it will be interesting to know how the employees responded to the changes happened in this organisation, particularly in facing the possibility to be relocated periodically. Utilising qualitative research method, this study tries to explore both employees and managers perception toward the relocation practice. This study finds that, although most of the staff perceived the relocation practice is not fair yet, their work motivation is mainly not affected by such practice. The association of the research findings to the public HRM, organisational justice and psychological contract are briefly discussed in this paper.


Telviani has been working as an Indonesian civil servant for more than 20 years. She got her undergraduate degree, majoring in Accounting, from STIE Y.A.I (School of Economics Y.A.I), Jakarta, Indonesia in 1998. She then pursued her master degree and graduated from Bentley University, Massachusetts, USA in 2001, majoring in Accounting Information Systems. After that, she continued working for the Indonesian government and by 2007 got another scholarship from Australian government to take another master degree. She took a master degree in Monash University, Victoria, Australia, majoring Education policy. She started her PhD program in the University of York in 2014 and currently in her writing up year.

Location: LMB/102b