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Comparing Innovation Capability Through Islamic Dress: A Tale of Two Cities

London and Paris

Wednesday 21 June 2017, 12.00PM to 1.00pm

Speaker(s): Dr Stephanie Slater, Cardiff University


Literature suggests that, as societies become more diverse, we can expect market convergence. Yet divergence also can occur through in-group and out-group misunderstandings. Views of Islamic women and their dress are an obvious example. 

The talk will address how stigma and stereotyping of religion and ideology informs consumer behaviour.  We explore how institutional logics differ between Muslims and non-Muslims and across contexts (UK vs France) so as to suggest how launches of Muslim fashion ranges might be positioned to appeal to a broader range of consumers. Whilst consumers from multicultural societies regularly engage with luxury clothing, there are visible differences in how Muslim fashion, or fashion designed to enable a modest presentation of the body, has been perceived.

Understanding how institutional logics shape social thinking, create discourses and judgements is important for designing social innovation to address societal problems by dispelling the myths around Muslim fashion so as to position Islamic dress in mainstream markets.


Stephanie Slater is a Senior Lecturer in International Marketing, Strategy and Business at Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University. Her research focuses on the role of culture in international marketing, strategy and business and has a strong emphasis on Asia. Her East-West interest developed from her experience working in industry in Japan. In recent years she has continued to conduct research in the Asian region but has broadened her research area to explore possible areas for social innovation in “in-group”/“outgroup” settings. She is currently involved in research projects that seek to unravel cultural understandings in Asia and the Middle East.  Dr Slater has published in international journals such as International Business Review, Business History, Management Decision, International Marketing Review, Journal of Marketing Management, Asia Pacific Journal of Business Administration and Multinational Business Review.

Location: LMB/102b