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Male and Female Role Portrayals in Advertising: Is Anyone Satisfied? A Review of Twenty-Five Years of Research

John Ford

Monday 6 March 2017, 1.00PM to 2.30pm

Speaker(s): Professor John Ford, Old Dominion University, USA

In this talk, Prof. Ford will share his vast experience researching how male and female roles are portrayed in advertising across borders. Professor Ford’s experience researching this question spans several decades.

John B. Ford, Ph.D., is Eminent Scholar and Professor of Marketing and International Business and Director, Ph.D. Program in Business Administration, at Old Dominion University, USA. He is also Academic Executive Editor (North America) and the Journal of Advertising Research (ABS3)and Distinguished Fellow of the Academy of Marketing Science.

These are some of Prof. Ford’s publications on the topic:

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Location: LMB/037