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Marketing Tourism during Political Instability: The Case of Egypt

Wednesday 18 January 2017, 12.00PM to 1.00pm

Speaker(s): Doaa Shohaieb, The York Management School


Doaa’s research focuses on marketing strategies during crises, specifically the Egyptian tourism sector. She is concerned with two crises: the global financial crisis in 2008, and the political instability which followed the Egyptian revolution in 2011. Emphasis is given to the political crisis. Her research investigates the changes in the marketing strategies applied during political crises compared to the strategies implemented in normal circumstances by the tourism industry in Egypt.

The research introduces Egypt as a tourist destination and the history of the tourism sector in Egypt since the nineteenth century. This context helps understand how the sector developed through the last two centuries.  A summary of the different crises the industry has gone is presented, with an emphasis on the political crises. The marketing strategies adopted in normal periods as well as the marketing strategies adopted during turbulent times are identified and discussed. 

Doaa's research draws on various sources, such as interviews, archives, and statistics from international and local specialized organizations in the field of tourism and marketing.

Key words: marketing strategies, crisis, tourism.


Doaa is currently a PhD student at The York Management School, University of York, and started her doctoral research in August 2012. Doaa graduated from Menoufia University in Egypt in 2006, and has been a teaching assistant at the same university since 2007. Doaa has taught several modules: Marketing, Global Supply Chain Management, Strategic Management, and Human Resource Management (in both Arabic and English).

Location: LMB/102b