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Wellness, Emotional and Organization Affect on Male Spa Goers' Experience: Focusing  on the Local, International and Global Context

Nurul Hayati Abdullah

Wednesday 4 May 2016, 12.00PM to 1.00pm

Speaker(s): Nurul Hayati Abdullah, University of York


Nurul’s research focuses on how the market for male spa goers will expand  in the future.   She is drawing comparisons between former spa goers and those who currently go, and making assumptions for the potential spa-goers.  One line of enquiry is what factors contribute to this activity, for example male health and personality.  The issues relating to gender and gender roles are also addressed.


Nurul received her first degree in BA (Hons) Marketing from the University Technology of MARA and been awarded as Best Student for Marketing department in 2007.  She began working immediately after finishing her final year in university with the Malaysia National News Agency as a media executive at media foreign newswire.  Nurul completed her Masters degree (MBA), majoring in Marketing, from University Technology of MARA in 2011 and  is now pursuing a PhD at The Management School, University of York.

Changing Local Cultures

Location: LMB/102b