Postgraduate Programme Specifications

We offer a range of part-time, postgraduate programmes:

  • An online MA in English Building History
  • A face-to-face Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Writing
  • Online Postgraduate Diplomas in:
    • Astronomy
    • Creative Writing
    • The Geology of Yorkshire and Northern England
    • Railway Studies
    • Parish Church Studies

Programme specifications for the current academic year, and past academic years, are available below. The University also offer students access to the Module Catalogue.

2017/8 Programme Specifications

Our 2017/8 Programme Specifications are available below. Information on individual modules can be found at the Module Catalogue.

1718 CLL PG Astronomy Programme Specifications (PDF  , 455kb)

1718 CLL PG Creative Writing Programme Specifications (PDF  , 272kb)

1718 CLL PG Geology Programme Specifications (PDF  , 394kb)

1718 CLL PG Parish Church Studies Programme Specifications (PDF  , 507kb)

1718 CLL PG Railway Studies Programme Specifications (PDF  , 240kb)


2016/7 Programme Specifications

1617PG Astronomy (PDF  , 241kb)

1617PG Creative Writing (PDF  , 272kb)

1617PG Geology of Yorkshire and Northern England (PDF  , 394kb)

1617PG Parish Church Studies (PDF  , 507kb)

1617PG Railway Studies (PDF  , 240kb)


2015/6 Programme Specifications

15/16 PG Astronomy (PDF  , 235kb)15/16 PG Creative Writing (PDF  , 265kb)‌, 15/16 PG Geology of Yorkshire and Northern England (PDF  , 394kb)‌, 15/16 PG Railways (PDF  , 240kb)

2014/5 Programme Specifications

1415 PG Diploma in Creative Writing (PDF  , 265kb)1415 PG Diploma Railway Studies (PDF  , 241kb)