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Love, Sex and Marriage in the Middle Ages

Saturday 8 October 2022, 10.00AM to 4.30pm

Speaker(s): Cristina Figueredo BA MA PhD

Sometime in the twelfth century, a new form of expressing feelings appeared: it was called ‘Courtly Love’. It had its own rules and troubadours sang their love for the admired ladies, from afar. In fact, this ‘love’ could never be consummated or end in marriage. This one-day course will explore the theory and practice of love, sex and marriage in medieval Europe. It will be illustrated with medieval examples taken from documents, manuscript illuminations and sculpture.

Tutor: Cristina Figueredo BA MA PhD

Term: Autumn

Day: Saturday

Start Date: 8 October 2022

Time: 10am-4.30pm

No. of weeks: 1

Full fee: £49 


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Location: University of York Campus, Classroom-based