Al-Qahira (The City Victorious): A Portrait of Islamic Cairo

Saturday 7 March 2020, 10.00AM to 4.30pm

In this course, we will examine the artistic achievements of one of the most influential Muslim cities: the enigmatic Cairo. It was founded in the tenth century and since then has been an important centre of art, literature and trade. Some of the most notable dynasties have chosen Cairo as their official headquarters and invested immense sums of money to embellish it. A virtual tour along the narrow alleys of its historical centre will immerse us in its beauty.

Tutor: Roberta Marin BA MA

  • Term: Spring
  • Day: Saturday
  • Start Date: 07 March 2020
  • Time: 10am-4.30pm
  • No. of weeks: 1
  • Full fee: £40

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