The Painting of Giovanni Bellini

Saturday 24 February 2018, 10.00AM4.30pm

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Giovanni Bellini was the most important Venetian artist of the Quattrocento, central to the emergence of a distinctively Venetian type of Renaissance art. We will place his art in its social, historical and art-historical contexts, considering issues of technique, patronage and style as well as his relation to artists in Venice and beyond, in order to shed light on his particular achievement: an art flooded with light and colour, caught in stillness, on the edge of words. It is anticipated that this course will be held at the King’s Manor.

Peter Finch-Sieg PhD

  • Term: Spring
  • Day: Saturday
  • Start Date: 24 February 2018
  • Time: 10am-4.30pm
  • No. of weeks: 1
  • Course fee: £35.00

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