The Life and Times of Sir Winston Churchill

Thursday 25 January 2018, 1.00PM to 3.00pm

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Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965) is regarded by many as the greatest ever British statesman: an individual of prophetic vision, dauntless courage, and inspirational leadership. However, both personally and ideologically, he was a far more complex man than has sometimes been acknowledged. This course analyses the successive phases of a political career which spanned 65 years of success and failure, in both war and peace, and will attempt to produce a balanced assessment of his life and achievements.

David Beeston BEd CertEd DMS PhD

  • Term: Spring
  • Day: Thursday
  • Start Date: 25 January 2018
  • Time: 1-3pm
  • No. of weeks: 8
  • Course fee: £59.00

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