The Story of Roman Britain through Coins (Cancelled)

Saturday 21 October 2017, 10.30AM4.30pm

This session explores four centuries of Roman rule through the coins they left behind. From the deeds (and scandalous gossip) of the early emperors, to the cunning coinage of the pirate and rebel Carausius, and the confusion of the late Roman coin copying epidemics, we will discuss the stories behind the coins and the events, emperors and usurpers that shaped them. The course will include handsā€on access to Roman coins.

Barry Crump BA BSc MRes

  • Term: Autumn
  • Day: Saturday
  • Start Date: 21 October 2017
  • Time: 10.30am-4.30pm
  • No. of weeks: 1
  • Course fee: £35.00

Location: tbc