Our commitments, your responsibilities

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  • Visit the Help Desk
  • Email us via LibAnswers
  • Tel: (01904 32) 3838

Library staff are committed to providing excellent facilities and services to support your learning and research, but this can only be done in partnership with you.

Please help us to help you make the most of Library services and resources.

Remember you can always contact the Library for help in person, by email, or telephone.


You can expect us to:

  • treat all users with courtesy and respect
  • keep your personal details and your borrowing record secure
  • provide all relevant library information and keep you up to date with changes
  • provide an enquiry service
  • offer you an induction to the Library and information skills training
  • allow rapid self-service loans, renewals, requests and returns
  • offer ways for you to communicate your views about the Library

We expect you to:

  • treat other users and Library staff with courtesy and respect
  • never lend your University or library card to anyone else, or share your username and password
  • check your emails and My Library Account regularly, to know when your items are due for return and to check we have your current contact information
  • ask for help when you need it
  • familiarise yourself with library policies and services
  • offer any ideas on how we can improve our service


You can expect us to:

  • provide a safe, clean, quiet environment for study
  • provide study areas for different types of learning
  • provide recycling bins for waste in accordance with the University's recycling policy
  • ensure that library staff make regular patrols of the building to maintain a suitable environment for study

We expect you to:

  • treat Library buildings and facilities with respect
  • only eat and drink in the Library within the designated food zones
  • not smoke in the Library or within the no smoking zone outside of the Library
  • respect quietness and study in line with our designated silent, quiet and studious buzz zones
  • keep any valuable possessions safe with you at all times
  • not reserve seats and tables for unreasonable amounts of time. Please note, if you leave a study space unattended for more than an hour, your belongings may be removed from the area by Library staff
  • dispose of your litter appropriately, including in the recycling bins provided
  • leave the Library promptly when asked to do so in an emergency


You can expect us to:

  • provide a range of print, electronic and other information resources to support learning and research
  • maintain a catalogue to help you find the resources you need
  • provide equipment and network/wireless facilities to access these resources
  • provide photocopiers, printers and scanners
  • enable you to access resources available from other Libraries and Universities through collaborative arrangements

We expect you to:

  • return requested items on time, respecting the needs of other users
  • not write on, highlight or otherwise mark books or journals, or damage them in other ways
  • not use computers to download or circulate offensive material
  • be aware of and comply with current copyright law and licences
  • be aware of and comply with the University's regulations for use of computing facilities

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