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YorSearch updates & issues

We update this page regularly with information about new features and known problems in YorSearch.

Please check back regularly.

Help with YorSearch issues

If anything, listed below or otherwise, is causing you a problem, please get in touch as we may be able to offer an alternative solution.

Any suggestions on how to improve YorSearch are also welcome.

New feature

Changed default tab

Up to now, when you click on a title in the results list, the Details tab was displayed. In response to user feedback, this has been changed so that the View It or Get It tab is now displayed instead.

New feature

Improved floor plans

Following the Locate link from the Get It tab will now take you to a webpage that tells you the exact location of the item and shows you a floor plan of the relevant area.

New feature

Location information in list of loans

In My Library Account the list of loans now includes the full location information for each item.

New feature

Advanced Search Boolean operators

In advanced search the Boolean operators AND, OR and NOT have been added to each search box to enable more complex searches.


***UPDATE: This issue has now been fixed***

Titles in YorSearch with links to other related titles are not displaying correctly and may give misleading copies information.

Our system supplier is looking into this issue as a priority.

Known issue

Incorrect request cancelled notifications

Incorrect notifications are being sent to some users, informing them that the request for an item they have on loan has been cancelled. All requested items should be returned to the Library by their due date. You may check with staff at the Help Desk if you wish to borrow the item again. 

This problem is being investigated.