If you have over-due items requested by another user, you won't be able to borrow any more items until they're returned - but you won't be charged late fees. 

The main reason libraries charge fines is to give people a good reason to bring books back on time, so other users can borrow them. Our York community has shown that we don’t need to charge people money in order to make the loan system work - you’ve all done your bit, bringing items back promptly and ensuring everyone has access to the books they need.

For this system to continue to work, we need you all to continue to play your part, and make our library work for the whole community. As a library we believe our role is to empower our communities to be knowledgeable, active, global citizens through learning, discovery, and research. Staying fine-free will help us achieve these aims. Thank you for helping us save farewell to fines forever.

Questions about our Fines policy

Why don't you charge fines for Flexible Loans anymore?

When the pandemic began, we suspended all fines for returning books late. The last thing our students and staff needed to worry about during lockdown was trying to get items back to the library. That period effectively became a successful trial for a fine-free library - so we decided to make the change permanent.

If someone has a book I need to borrow, what’s their incentive for bringing it back if there are no fines?

Our students and staff are responsible, and respect the need for our resources to be available to the whole community. When you have a book on loan which is requested by another user, once that book becomes overdue you can’t borrow any more items until it is returned. This has proved to be enough to make sure people bring their books back.

What happens if I lose a book?

Lost item charges still apply. You can find out more about that on our Lost Items page

Does this apply to just books, or to everything? 

The no-fines policy applies to all Flexible Loans - to books, CDs, DVDs, scores and so on. We don't charge fines for the late return of laptops or locker keys either.