CRUK Data Sharing and Preservation Policy

Cancer Research UK requires that "all data generated as a result of its funding be considered for sharing and made as widely and freely accessible as possible whilst safeguarding intellectual property, the privacy of patients and confidential data."

A summary of Cancer Research UK requirements for:

Data management plans

All applicants for Cancer Research UK funding must submit a data management and sharing plan as part of a funding application.

Cancer Research UK provides guidance on the topics that should be considered in the data management and sharing plan. If data sharing is not appropriate, “applicants must include a clear explanation why.”

Help with costs

Costs can now be included in applications, provided these are well justified and reasonable in the context of the research.

Data deposit and retention

Cancer Research UK expects that all data resulting from a grant, regardless of whether they have been used in a publication, are preserved and available for sharing for a minimum period of five years following the end of a research grant.

Data should be released no later than the acceptance for publication of the main findings “(unless restrictions from third party agreements or IP protection still apply) or on a timescale in line with the procedures of the relevant research area.”

Data access and sharing

“Cancer Research UK wishes to ensure that data arising from the research that it funds should be managed and made available as widely and freely as possible to maximise public benefit.”

Cancer Research UK outlines accepted methods for sharing data in its guidelines, and provides information on the use of ‘data sharing agreements’ as a means of managing access to data.

Investigators carrying out research involving human participants must ensure that consent for data sharing is obtained from participants; research data should be anonymised prior to sharing.

Further sources of help

Write a 'data management and sharing plan' for Cancer Research UK using DMPonline

DMPonline, a web-based tool provided by the Digital Curation Centre (DCC), can help you create an effective plan that meets the requirements set by Cancer Research UK.

To get started, first create an account, then sign in with your institutional credentials. After signing in, click on ‘Create a plan’ and select ‘Cancer Research UK’ when asked for your funder. For additional guidance in completing your DMP, choose to see guidance from the University of York and from the DCC in the template provided.