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The Tree of Wishes is BACK!

Posted on 16 November 2022

Help the library and YUSU support our chosen charity IDAS this Christmas, by putting a gift under our Tree of Wishes.

A Christmas tree in the Morrell surrounded by presents

The Tree of Wishes is a really nice library tradition that we'd love you all to be part of again this year. For pandemic-reasons we've not been able to do it the last couple of years, but the Tree is officially back and ready to go. York students and staff source presents for a charity, which then give them out to the people they support on Christmas Day. It's great.

We're working with YUSU's RAG charity partner IDAS, and there's more about them below - but first, here's how it works. 

Where and when

The tree is on floor 0 of the Morrell, and we'll be collecting gifts from now until mid-December. 

How you can help 

The process works like this: 

  1. On the tree are tags and each one has a gift written on it, which has been requested by IDAS. There are several gifts to choose from, so you pick one you like and that is within your price range - there are hats, scarves, gloves, (non-perishable) Christmas Puddings and so on
  2. You take the gift tag of the gift you wish to give, then you go and buy the gift
  3. Wrap the gift and - this is crucial, so IDAS know what each gift is and can give them to the right people - stick the label ON to the gift
  4. Place the gift under our tree
  5. YUSU and the library will deliver the gifts to IDAS before Christmas, and they'll give the presents to the people who need them 

We know that this is a very tricky time financially for lots of us, so please don't worry if you don't feel able to buy a gift. You can still help by telling people about it in person and online. We really appreciate it. 

How many gifts are we aiming for?

In our best ever year we managed to source 200 gifts. If we can beat that this year that would be AMAZING. 

About IDAS

IDAS are a Yorkshire based charity supporting people affected by domestic abuse, and they're YUSU's RAG Charity Partner for 2022/23, as chosen by you the students in a vote. If you can't make it to the library to give a gift, see their website or this tweet for other ways to support them.

Thank you all for your contributions, and we can't wait to see the pile of presents at the bottom of the Tree of Wishes grow!