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Study space for online exams

Posted on 13 May 2022

Many of you will be taking online exams this year, so you’ll need to think about the location which works best for you. Here are a few options for you to consider.

Study space in the Library

The Library has some study space suitable for online exams, but we can’t guarantee having space for everyone taking this kind of assessment. Make sure to plan ahead if you’re intending to use space in the Library. Explore study rooms which are available to book in advance to avoid disappointment and look out in particular for rooms which are labelled as suitable for online interactive learning. We kindly ask that you avoid using open study areas for online exams in order to avoid disruption to other Library users.

Check if your department plans to make study space available

Your department might have specific arrangements in place to manage online exams, for example space which they have made available during the time of your exam. This will vary across departments, so look out for announcements or check early to see what options are available.

Other spaces across campus

There will also be a number of rooms made available across campus for online exams (see the list below). All of the rooms will be open Monday to Friday from 8am to 9pm, between Monday 16 May and Friday 3 June. 

Each room must be booked in advance; look for the option in the booking system for '2022 Online Exam Rooms' to place your booking. Each room is for a single occupant (unless otherwise stated).

Campus West online exam locations

Wentworth College - these rooms will be unlocked but ensure you arrive at the time of your booking

  • W/N/230
  • W/N/231
  • W/N/231a
  • W/N/231b
  • W/N/231c
  • W/N/231d (this room is for 4 people with dividers separating the desks)
  • W/N/231e
  • W/N/232

Campus East online exam locations

Ron Cooke Hub - to access these rooms you will need to collect a card at the Ron Cooke Hub Reception

  • RCH/206
  • RCH/207

Set up your own space at home

If you prefer to work in your own space, take some time in advance to set up your environment in the way that suits you best. Make sure that you have a comfortable work space which is free from distractions and which enables you to focus as much as possible. If you’re missing the Library whilst you revise, check out our popular ‘study with me’ video for 2 hours of the sounds of the Library!

Best of luck for your exams. Look after yourself and don’t hesitate to contact us if there is anything the Library can do to support you in the coming weeks.